Two SEA Games gold medal-winning netballers got a surprise gift from jeweller Caraters Diamonds on Saturday. 

Netball captain Micky Lin and goal shooter Charmaine Soh were each presented with a pair of custom 1-carat diamond earrings during a visit to the Caraters Diamonds’ store at UE Square. The earrings are worth $5,000 a pair. The two also received $500 cash each. 

The two netballers said it was a complete surprise and were only told they were attending a client event.

Caraters Diamonds managing director James Syddall told Yahoo Singapore that his staff had previously interacted with Lin and Soh, and they caught his attention during the SEA Games netball tournament.

“I know Charmaine and Micky from before through my staff who worked with them recently. We did two limited, sports edition diamond earrings, and it takes 9 to 10 days, almost 400 hours to complete the earrings, so I wanted to give it to these two girls as a way of encouraging them and showing them a gift of our appreciation," he said. 

Syddall clarified that he has not yet had the chance to meet the rest of the team, but says Netball Singapore will be arranging for him to meet them in the near future. 

"The reason why I chose netball is because I felt it was the most [underrated] game. There was more coverage on other sports (during the SEA games) on netball although it is a popular sport among Singaporeans. This is my humble opinion," he said. 

He also said he is open to working with Netball Singapore for future contributions or sponsorships for individual players. "If Netball Singapore recommends it, I will definitely do something for the entire team," he said. 

Lin and Soh are the latest among other Singapore athletes who are getting rewards for their SEA Games performances. 

Earlier this month, Lin and Soh’s teammate Kimberly Lim received a $32,000 full academic scholarship from Kaplan Singapore for her undergraduate studies.

Swimmer Joseph Schooling received $75,000 from businessman Pang Chin Keong. Pang had pledged $20,000 per gold medal from the fourth gold medal onward, and $5,000 per relay gold. Schooling won six individual races and three relays.