Every diamond is precious – and long thought by many to be a symbol of love and strength. But these precious stones with high clarity and a translucent white hue only become exquisite when they land in the hands of expert diamond cutters. And when skilled jewelers set these exquisite diamonds into jewllery, you’ll get perfection. Case in point: the Star of Asia, a ring crafted by Syddall Diamonds.

Its story starts with a 12-carat diamond and a buyer who wanted a design that differed from the norm – no safe solitaire for this real-estate magnate; she wanted an heirloom piece with a classic yet modern appeal.

With this in mind, James Syddall, founder of Syddall Diamonds, engaged a master diamond cutter, who took the 12-carat rough diamond and transformed it into a five-carat round diamond, four emerald-cut diamonds and 14 heart-shaped diamonds. He then set the stones into a finely crafted ring specially designed to the client’s tastes and specifications, with the round diamond – which boats perfect clarity (VVS grade) and is colorless (color grade E, according to the Gemological Institute of America’s color grading scale) – as the centerpiece, surrounded by the rest of the smaller but equally brilliant diamonds. The stunningly gorgeous Star of Asia was thus born.

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