Exude star quality with the stunning Trilliant earrings from Caraters' Glamour Collection 

Looking glamourous is never easy. While you may have the discernment and refined taste to put together chic outfits that best suit your looks and personality, you need a little extra something to take your look to the next level. And a gorgeous piece of jewellery does the job perfectly.

Case in point? The Trilliant earrings ($16,299) from Caraters’ Glamour Collection. The piece de resistance; the dazzling 0.70-carat centre diamonds. Colorless (color grade F), with excellent clarity (VS grade), the triangular-cut diamond has 74-facets and is surrounded by brilliant round-cut diamonds for unprecedented sparkle.

Here’s the good news for those who like their diamonds cut differently: the Glamour Collection also has earrings with carefully curated diamonds in various cuts – think princess-cut and heart-shaped diamonds (the latter are available only in limited quantities).

Caraters, a subsidiary of Syddall Diamonds, specializes in matching pairs of diamonds. All its diamond stud earrings are set in handcrafted 18K white gold and boast an exceptional centre piece encircled by smaller diamonds. Prices start at $1,099. Find out more at www.caraters.com